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Are you tired of feeling powerless and relying on your teammates decision-making? Do you feel like you are not able to carry games?

Take control of the game now, with my coach, you'll learn effective wave management, jungle tracking and decision-making skills.

Let me be your guide for victory and become the player that you always dreamed of!

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1 on 1 coach

Hey guys, my name is Andrew and I am a LoL Coach with over 4 years of experience. Currently I have over 3200 hours of individual and team coaching, I worked for the best companies in the scene who serviced thousands of happy clients. I continue to service these clients every day!

My full time job is ensuring my clients become the best player they can be while simultaneously enjoying their climb. Every day, I work my hardest to bring the best coaching you can receive, as I believe that dedication to the student is just as important as the learning.

As a player I have over 8 years experience, I played with and against the best players in the world, the first time I got Challenger was in 2019. I achieved High Elo on multiple roles, as I am also able to coach every single role and champ, this is the BEST service that you can get!


hours of coaching


years of experience


happy customers

What do I get?

✅Significant increase in your Rank;

✅Instant improvement in your gameplay;

✅ Get an insight into what you are doing wrong;

✅The ability to improve by yourself;

✅24/7 Full Questions support even AFTER the coaching time is done;

What can I expect from the coaching?
You can expect guaranteed improvement, after the coaching you will be a new player, you will feel like you know what you are doing, not run into autopilot anymore, you will get better at pushing your leads and transforming them into a win!

In addition you will learn how to play with a bad team, have a lot more fun playing the game and you will learn a lot about Macro, Wave management, Warding, Jungle Tracking, Lane 1v1, Matchups, Trading, CSing, Mechanics and more!

How does it work?

Select a bundle

Purchase the coaching

Contact me via Discord

€ 35.99 

I help you identify your biggest mistakes in a VOD Review or you can choose to play a game where I give you Live Feedback!

€ 99.99 

This will give you a MASSIVE improvement, it will help you to see all of your mistakes and fix the biggest! (Includes 3h of coaching that can be split on multiple days)

€ 300 

This is BY FAR the best thing if you are serious about climbing and getting better. You will see a HUGE progress in your game and climb hard! (Includes 10h of coaching that can be split over a few months)

€ 20 
VOD Review (pre-recorded)

€ 150 
Get to Diamond PACKAGE

Note:  In any of the bundle you get the ability to split the hours on different days so I can monitor your progress and maximize your learning. We are coaching in all regions: NA, EUW, LAN, LAS, OCE, KR, JP, TR, I already coached people from all of the continents - All roles and champs included.


How does coaching work?

Based on your goals and objectives, I will personalize a special coaching session for you. We will decide together what fits you the best based on your role and rank!

Will coaching make you improve?

Well... instead of answering this question with a short answer, let me ask you something! Why do you think so many people book coaching with me? Why do you think the majority of them come back and they want more and more? Why do you think there are so many people that booked over 10 hours of coaching with me? After you answered yourself those questions you will see that the coaching can give you, without a doubt a huge amount of improvement and help you get better!

How many hours do I need to book to see masive improvements?

Generally speaking, any bundle of 3 hours or more is going to guarantee you to improve really hard! Additionally, if the one h option fits your budget the most, that one is also going to give you a good start when it comes to improving!

I booked my Coaching, what now?

After purchasing the coaching, you will be redirected to the form in which you will submit your contact details which will be used by me to contact you and schedule your coaching session where we will talk about your goals, how to achieve them and we will personalize a special coaching approach just for you!