About Me

Coaching From The BEST

My name is Andrew, also known as Bizyze and I am a League of Legends Coach with over 4 years experience!

Currently I have over 3500+ hours of individual and Team Coaching, I am working for the best companies in the scene who serviced thousands of happy clients. I continue to service these clients every day. I work my hardest to bring the best coaching you can receive, as I believe that dedication to the student is just as important as the learning!

As a player I have over 8 years experience and I achieved  High Elo on multiple roles, playing against and with the best players in the world! I peaked Challenger in 2019 and I have been High Elo playing multiple roles and champs!

My mission is to make League of Legends fun again for all of the players by helping them perform better in the game and enjoy it a lot more!

For more FREE Educational Content

High quality coaching

Access to live chat 24/7 with me for questions and extra practice

Answering questions + FREE constant help even after the hours of the session are DONE through Discord.

Booking priority when looking to schedule a session I will highly prioritise your booking to be within 3days from messaging

24/7 availibility when it comes to scheduling the session, timezone does not matter (5AM - 12PM ALL DAY AVAILABILITY)

Personalised specialised tips after each session

Homework based on your mistakes / goal after every session

I will PERSONALLY monitor your Op.GG and track your progress through a performance indicator that I only provide.

You will get specialised DRILLS / ROUTINES that will be prepared beforehand

Structured program that we will respect and use it to achieve your goal depending (DIAMOND / PLAT / GOLD depending on how many hours you take)

Get YOUR MONEY back if you do not improve at all in the sessions

Improvement guaranteed

In the first 60 mins of the sessions I guarantee that I will completely change the way you see the game;

You get the ability to TRANSFER the hours to someone else; (for example if you take 3h and you want to give 1 to your duo, I can teach him the game too);

No commitment needed from you when it comes to booking sessions; (if we prepare a plan to do a session every 3 days and you cannot consistently do that no problem, I will adapt my schedule based on yours).

Every session is going to be structured / planned, everything is going to be personalised for you. By the end of the sessions you will be able to climb and improve BY YOURSELF

“Really Deep analysis, super super cool, very chill and understanding even with crazier playstyle ^^' :D I recommand and Thanks a lot!”

"That was waaaay above my expectations man,thank you so much for your feedback. Great work! i will definetly improve my lane positioning,and would love to have you as my coach for more information."

"Very good review. Very good advice, well explained and makes you want to progress and work even more. Thank you very much."

"Super friendly and amiable. His sessions are well structured and smooth, and he is fairly consistent. would reccomend him to anyone wanting to climb."

"Extremely helpful vod review. Definitely plan on getting a session after correcting the deficiencies he’s outlined."

"A amazing coach! Recommend everyone! My first and last favorite coach I would get back to forever! Makes good planning, is clear and easy to understand, patience friendly and motivating. Calm and sweet boy! I would keep him in my process of growing! And once, carry and help others too just like him!"

In addition,  you will get a notepad with mistakes by the end of each session, everything is going to be prepared beforehand, structured, and we will work methodically, you will have all my support in every session and even outside of the sessions, booking this program is going to allow you to have me in your friendlist on Discord + League client 24/7 and you will be allowed to ask questions even after the time is DONE.